20 Hilarious Kids Who Figured Out Life Faster Than You

Humanity is facing unprecedented revolutions and all of our old stories are crumbling - besides new stories are emerging to replace them. How can we, however, prepare ourselves and our children for a world of transformations and radical uncertainties? What should we teach our children in order to flourish and survive in the world of 2050 or the 22nd Century?

Perhaps, what sort of skills is required for kids in order to comprehend what’s happening around them while also navigating the maze of life? Turns out, children are presently their own superheroes, especially as they have proven to have figured out life faster than you. From a kid who accurately knows how to play the game to a kid who evidently knows how to get perfect revenge, this compilation is downright hilarious while also very much educative. Have a look, brace up for some lessons, and a good laugh.

No, not Minecraft!

Ashlynnnleigh -Via

It… doesn’t work… yeah.

XplodingUnicorn -Via

not_thenanny -Via

Don’t tell mom.

XplodingUnicorn -Via

These kids are for real?

olivertwist69 -Via

Very, um, scary. And edgy. Yeah.

aalexandriabish -Via

Ooh, did he just shade on his whole class on his birthday?

Monty_Badu -Via

Cool at first.

DougDrage -Via

Can relate.

XplodingUnicorn -Via

This very reliable cashier.

basedrkelly -Via

A very wise 11-year-old.

brian_sack -Via

The ultimate revenge.

VictorPopeJr -Via

Seven minutes in and we’re all vibing.

FreeLaddin -Via

Um… I don’t have any… anymore… You want this Rolex?

CallMeHuss -Via

Revenge done.

DaVinciVape -Via


LurkAtHomeMom -Via


TheMilfGod -Via

Princess hotdog.

BrianCalzini -Via

The real scary thing in life.

annaszpalik14 -Via