22 Women Who Get Short Haircut And Look So Attractive With It

As the saying goes, change is undeniably as good as a holiday and a new hairstyle, especially short hair is the best way to mix things up at times. While there’s virtually nothing wrong with straight, curls, ponytails and top knots, a styled hair cut can significantly improve one’s hair game. People with long to short hair know the fears and concerns that come with being satisfied as well as the joy that comes afterward.

A lot of people tend to think long hair is the desire in most men’s eyes, but it’s actually not and of course, we have a solid proof.  It can be pretty tasking to keep a record of all the hair trends, but hitting the lead are these 22 ladies who underwent drastic changes and came out with a totally worth it outcomes. We’ve compiled before and after photos of people showing how much short hair can make women feel more feminine and importantly gorgeous. Enjoy!

‘Was Initially Sad To Cut The Length. But After A Chop Off, I Realized She Was Meant For Short Hair. I Love My Job.’

tha_stormin_mormon -Via

’13 Inches Gone. Transpired A Couple Weeks Ago. Loving The New Short Hair.’

arcoleman904 -Via

The Before Vs. After Of Long Hair To Short Hair

vikiwix -Via

15 Inches Off And Now I Feel So Amazing. Short Hair Rocks

basshead_queen2 -Via

We Hope The Smile Remains Forever. So Cute!

vaokiscny -Via

Decided On A Pixie Cut And Now She’s Loving It

HayleywithaY -Via

4,12 Inches Ponytails Is Available For A Donation

eternalfrisson -Via

Went For The Pixie Cut And Was Super Glad She Did

catmami17 -Via

Before Vs. After A Haircut. Two Different Beings

j_taylor_art -Via

Everything Was Nearly Chopped Off. But Keyed Into The Pixie Cut

ThivyaM -Via

A New Hair Cut Can Give You A Total New Character

lazycandy999 -Via

The Best Hair Decision Ever Taken. So Loving It!

ATaleOfTwoSeaMonkeys -Via

Always Prioritize Your Comfort Before Anything Else

Stellieboy -Via

New Haircut Changes One’s Look Completely. Try It Out!

ipiem113 -Via

Nailed It! I’m So Obsessed With My Short Hair

Thecatsm30w -Via

This Should Be Dubbed A New Level Of Gorgeousness

llksg -Via

The Before And After Of A Chopped Hair

EmotionalEnd -Via

A Practical Yet An Extreme Makeover

ArisuBunny -Via

Here You Go! Had The Big Chop And So Loving It

TheRealAdelineLynch -Via

Cut my hair yesterday. I feel so good!

OyVeyBubba -Via

I cut my own hair today and it turned out better than I thought!

Miauwmere -Via

Starting fresh! Always wanted to do this!