25 Pics That Prove Marriage Is A Hilarious War Where No One Wants To Give Up

Months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and even seconds change or passes by. Nothing seems to remain the same forever. On the other hand, one thing has appeared it doesn’t change regardless of how much time passes, and that’s wives and husbands pranking up themselves, making their marriage less boring and inspiring. Isn’t marriage less complicated than you imagined it would be?

For us, it’s a YES, and these photos have proven that marriage is indeed another universe where there are unending fun and love. Although living one’s life with the same person can be challenging, but luckily there’s a surefire way to make your marriage a memorable one – laughing out loud daily. Ranging from placing a Nicolas Cage Pillowcase on his pillow to sending a photo with cups that are close to the edge of a table, this list has a good sense of humor and, importantly, a lesson to spice up your marriage. Have a look!

After A Fight With Wife Comes This Awesomeness

A_levelcommen -Via

Wife Left Hair On The Shower, Husband Left Her A Message

xmjokerxm -Via

How Best Can You Lure Your Wife To Come Hang Out?

dpu80 -Via

Husband Artfully Arranged These Fruit At Night For Wife To Find It In The Morning

TheDontCareBearz -Via

Wife Asked For Ice Cream But Husband Gave Beans Instead. Quite Terrible, Right?

Mikeg90805 -Via

Wife Is Obviously Not Wrong For A Grocery Store Shopping

TemporaryUsernameUntilIThinkofSomethingClever -Via

Husband Admitted Wife Found A Snickers With Her Name ‘Drama Queen’

Rania Rustom -Via

Wife’s Boss And Her Husband Make Quince Paste Yearly

B**l_S*** -Via

Wife Pulled A Pregnancy Prank On Husband Using The Test Kit From Their Last Baby

hypnopompia -Via

Husband Asked Not To Place A Matching Pillowcase On His Side When I Replace The Sheets

klynparks -Via

The Best Revenge Wife Gets For Stealing Husband’s Chocolate

Evanz111 -Via

Here’s How Dad Labeled The Box With My Mom’s Wedding Dress

PerformingArtsAndS**t -Via

55 Years Of Marriage: Wife Still Sits And Laugh At Husband’s Story About Farting

erinmac514 -Via

Got Back Home To Find Wife Had Been Quite Busy With Pranks

alexkurtagic -Via

Wife To Husband: Don’t You Want To See A Fit Man When You Check The Mirror? Here’s Husband Response

kynuna -Via

Husband Was In A Hurry, So He Asked I Prepare His Sweater

FrauRosen -Via

Wife Placed This Over Our Bathroom Door

prismatic_lyfe -Via

How Best Would You Torture Your Wife? Sending Pics Of Cups Close To The Edge Of Tables Can Be…

Peoplecallmedave -Via

Husband Bought A Perfume For Wife As Christmas Gift Only To Find It As An Air Freshener In The Toilet

baxterrocky -Via

This Caused 30minutes Of Argument. But At Last, A Marriage Is Saved

dread_pirate_bobert -Via

A Significant Other Got The Shock Of Life. Vanilla Pudding Instead Of Mayo

Babpy -Via

This Is Quite Kind Of Wifey!

k_*nk_tattoo -Via

Here You Go Wife - The Perspressions Painting Kit

mmmelissa1606 -Via

Wife Purchased A Customized Cutting Board. ‘Stop Using The Countertop’

thestallion007 -Via

How Will You Feel Finding Jeff Goldblum Staring At You in The Morning?

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