20 Dads Who Never Wanted A Pet But Then Couldn’t Live Without Them

The logic of dad is one heck of a thorny business. Ask them any kind of question; they will for sure have a way to go about it- it’s alright to convince your mom to pay your house rent till you are 35, but just talk about a pet and you already served yourself a rant. Because dad is not fond of seeing those grubby paws in the house until they actually get one.

Now, there are a lot of jokes going around social media concerning just how much dads admire their new pets and how they effortlessly forget that “never ever” that they swore about a day ago.

Here are collections of concrete evidence that busted the dads who never agreed to have a pet around his house but now love their little furballs even more than they love their toddlers. Have A Look!

From “I Don’t Want That Dang Cat” To Taking Her To Her Room Each Night For Bed

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Linus My Cat Vs. My Dad Who Used To Hate Cats

EuqirnehBR97 -Via

Now Hugging And Singing His Personal Song For The Dog He Never Wanted

mischkazelenyy -Via

My Dad Who Never Liked Dogs Now Takes Yuki Sailing Around Wherever They Go

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We Can’t Keep It” Now This

pinche_whey -Via

Dad Who Never Allowed Cats In The House Is Now Having A Nice Time With It

lily_r_g -Via

Dad Says We Can’t Feed That Feral Cat; He Now Set Up A Heated Cat House In The Backyard And Put A Camera To Ensure She’s safe

Missburr -Via

“He’s More Of A Cat Person” But Was Convinced After 3 Years. He Finally Agreed As Long As The Pup Wasn’t Allowed On The Bed Or Furniture. But This Is What I Now See

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Dad Never wanted A Dog. Dad Vs Dog

milleepthesheep -Via

I Will Step On Him

llaisney -Via

No Dogs

yagirlyarelli -Via

Dad Dressed The Dog He Never Wanted In My Childhood Dress He reserved For His First Grand Daughter

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Dad Who Never Wanted A Dog In His House and The present Him

Mireyadaa -Via

My Dad Never Allowed Me To Have A Pet When I Was Younger, No Matter How I Pleaded. This Is Him Dragging My Cat In A Box (Which he Named “Kitty Express”)

emmawiiwiiwii -Via

My Dad: From You Are Going To Take Him With You When You Leave To Are You Really Gonna Take Him With You?

DragonpaladinAlaine -Via

He’s Never A Dog Person. 4 Days After they Met, She Assisted Him To Recover From A Stroke

DreamersEyesOpen -Via

Dad: From “That Brown Dog” To “Brown Dog” Became “Mr. Brown” To “Doc Brown Wants To Stay With Me When You Move Out” Doc Brown Did Move Out With Us, Their First Reunion

ikebrofloski -Via

Dad: I Don’t Want A Dog! Dad: Gaston Needs His Own Bed And Night Table

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Dad- No Animal Is Permitted In This House! Also Dad:

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Skin To Skin Is The Best Way To Connect

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