Hilarious Wives Keeping Their Marriages Alive With Their Good Sense Of Humor

When deciding to get married, people prefer to choose a partner that they are compatible with. Generally, the rule of thumb is to marry your friend after all you're going to be stuck with each other for life. As some men have discovered, Marrying someone with a good sense of humor is even better. Consider it a one-way ticket to years of free laughter.

These funny wives definitely deserved the spotlight. They were creative and definitely knew the power of a good joke. This honest trolls made their husbands laugh out loud and love them even more. Relationships can be way too serious and demanding. The pressure to balance work, kids, and expenses can be frustrating, and what better way to let off some steam with some good old jokes and decent pranks. In fact, marriage specialists believe that couples who share a good sense of humor have a stronger union.

Ultimately, one key to a successful relationship with your spouse is laughter and the ability to laugh at the many situations life throws your way.

Husband Walked Into Home And Thought The TV Got Smashed. Well, Wife Intentionally Paused It On Netflix Intro

CivilizedPsycho -Via

Wife Pranked Husband. Here’s Your Harley Babe!

PatDaddy2625 -Via

Wife Has Secretly Been Collecting Photos Of Husband Sleeping For Upload On Father’s Day. Here’s The Catnapping

minusidea -Via

Wife Left Instructions On Husband’s Dinner. She’s Thinks He’s A Moron

slave_1 -Via

We’re In Our 50s, But Here Is The Only Toilet Paper Wife Found Online

pavi92 -Via

I Was Away For A Day. Wife Knew I Wanted To Do This When I Got Home

malcolm10 -Via

Sister’s April Fool’s Prank On Husband Vehicle

Olikria -Via

Wife Hopes Husband Will Feel Special As All Eyes Will Be On Him

chiquitamichi -Via

Here’s Wife Passive Aggressive Flow Chart To Be Used When I Am Hungry

biscoff_nutella -Via

Wife Left This At My Car Booth After Seeing It In Her Bag

sometimeswemeanit -Via

If Wife Says This, I Can’t Honestly Un-See It

bardofbabylon -Via

Wife Compared Me To The Dog Flea Pills From Our Cupboard

phelyan -Via

Wife Is Clearly Not Sorry. Not Sorry!!

vollkommenes -Via

Wife Sent Out It This Photo And Laughed Around The House For About 3 Hours

iherpmyselftoday -Via

Wife Out Joked Husband With A Photoshopped Coyote

Kayla Eby -Via

Here’s What Husband Woke Up To See In The Morning After Bragging It’s Impossible

Potatoprincessa -Via

Wife Is Way Too Smart At Hiding Her Candy

GillTAzell -Via

Wife Informed This Pizza Place They’re Overdoing It With Their Advert

texasproof -Via

Husband’s Reaction On Tasting Whiskey In His Coffee. I Made It So

dina_mrs_k -Via

The Best Way To Remind Husband Of Packed Lunch

bsegovia -Via

Wife Purchased A Life-Size Skeleton To Scare The Heck Out Of Me

bsegovia -Via

Wife Doesn’t Want Me To Miss Her Much Since She Going Away For A Few Months

SelfishMentor -Via

The ‘I Tolerate You’ Birthday Cake For Husband

thesockbunny -Via

The Perfect Gift Wife Gave Me On My Birthday

bboyblaiser -Via

The Best Anniversary Write Up Ever

FolkDude -Via

Wife Decorated The Bathroom With This For Halloween. It Was Scary

Scubazz -Via

It’s Evident Husband’s Snore Is Pretty Bad

batgaz -Via

The Last Magnet On Wife’s Fridge. Isn’t This Awesome?

Ghotifett -Via

Wife Worked On My Shampoo Bottle. I Was Left Stunned At This Sight!

daftpanzy -Via

Wife Laughed-Out-Loud After Asking Me To Change Air Filters

AelyneMB -Via