25 Hilarious Times People Ordered Items Online And Had To Suffer Consequences

Online shopping is indeed awesome. The prices are second-to-none and importantly the whole experience is convenient. It’s equally one great way to save quite a penny while of course can also result in an unfortunate yet hilarious experience.

Shopping online has indeed gained a stand, following Dan Kohn’s first internet purchase in 1994, but it appears some well-coordinated online sale mechanisms are beginning to fail in performance, and buyers are on the other hand getting items they didn’t expect – regretting it badly.

While nothing can ever really match up to purchasing items in a store, we’ve compiled 25 hilarious online shopping fails that is completely shocking. We honestly do feel concerned for these people who purchased something new but ended up with disappointment. Take a look and learn from this article!

‘A Short My Friend Ordered From Instagram. So Different From The Ad’

badgurlkiki -Via

The Mask Ordered Vs. What’s Delivered (Right)

the_nerd_dad -Via

Both Size And Scale Didn’t Match The Description. Owner Wants A Refund

mizchief_mayhem -Via

‘I Had Never Believed This Would Happen To Me... And Yet Here We Are’

Cyd0nia -Via

A Mug In A Mug Item Online. Over A Million Disappointed

Regiciding -Via

Large Wall Tapestry Best Friend Bought Vs. What Came For Me

shufflethecards -Via

Taking Selfies With This Mirror Is No Good Idea. Never!

Jinium -Via

The Purchase Of A Wedding Gown Online. What An Experience!

jtawilb -Via

$5 Desk Chair From EBay For The Garden. Who Would This Fit?

emhargreaves -Via

‘Purchased A Pillow Of Myself For Girlfriend. This Wasn’t The Expectation’

locky95 -Via

A Dish Rack From An Instagram Ad. This Is Reality!

halibutface -Via

Ordered Pair Of Gloves Having The Same Finger Length

TheStaplerMan2019 -Via

This Device Is Sold Expensive On The Site And Promised To Neutralize Harmful Radiation. Here’s What Inside The Gadget

heyleyley -Via

ZicDaRealest -Via

Turned Out, Jeans Are Of Low Quality And Holes Are Normal Squares

mrsackboyfreak -Via

Ordered A Stamp Online, But It’s Like The Photo Didn’t Work

DelisionalMeatball -Via

It Was Supposed To Be A Unique Alien Balloons For Decorations

Bitter-Arachnid -Via

The Perfect Hamster Selling For $25.99

Speculatorfx -Via

Dress Online Vs. The Real-Life Look

Trilliant2 -Via

This Was Supposed To Appear Like A Stethoscope On The Shoulders

fusems -Via

Girlfriend Ordered Some Ankle Weights For Running And Got This Instead

Tex_ -Via

The Perfect Drilling Machine. Bend During First Use But Sold At Good Price On AliExpress

AS99 -Via

The Photo On The Package Vs. Reality

Dunno_Matt -Via

Never! Never!! Don’t Trust Instagram Ads

theplushbunni -Via

‘Cousin Ordered A Cake And Told Bakers To Write Anything On It. Here We Go.

Unknown -Via