30 Hilarious Parents Who Better Know How To Deal With Disobedient Kids

With everyone cooped up under safety rules and regulations, even the best-behaved kids can act up, getting on your nerve. Every parent deals with disobedient kids from time to time and undeniably parenting is tasking.

How would you deal with your child on the phone 24/7, speaks back at you in a hashtag, and interestingly loves taking selfies and uploading them to social media? It’s sincerely infuriating and definitely does require super creativity in dealing with such an addictive act.

Needless to say, we’ve compiled some hilarious yet genius parenting hacks that will your marvel as well as question how you’ve lived without knowing them earlier.

Raising kids is tough, one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world, and here’s how best to handle disobedient kids. Scroll down gently and learn! You might crack up with some ideas, but they’re 100% effective on kids.

Conan O’Brien on tax lesson.

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The three steps to getting the password.

I yelled this profanity to my parents yesterday and they got me this today.

TheRichBxtch -Via

Dear Emily.

non-stopmom.blogspot.lt -Via

Missed curfew.

Proud lil’ girl!

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Pick up your dirty socks and put them in the hamper. Love, Mom.

They’re going to get along well, I’m pretty sure.

Daughter got D- in math, so here’s where her phone is at.

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Sis lost her phone at a bar and asked for a replacement from mom.

heaverdini -Via

$3 worth.

Lea -Via

The most comfortable solution.

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When you have hipster parents.

Dad’s threatening note to messy teens.

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Mom left me laundry instructions when she went out of town during weekend.

Motherhood during digital age.

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You’re out of luck.

Coming home past curfew punishment for a week from dad.

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Dad wearing shorts to show how ridiculous it is to daughter.

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You’ll find the key hidden in your room when you clean up.

Teaching kids early likes are not everything.

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Son lost his trombone mouthpiece. Again.

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Mom fighting cyber-bullying.

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Not ready for social media.

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How to get ungrounded.

She was caught pretending to be 18 online, so dad made her wear a T-shirt that clearly shows her real age and shared it.

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When you have no Ds.

Rhyming reminder.

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Dirty laundry basket is watching.

Not sure if he’s public shaming or…

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