27 Hilarious Textbook Vandalism That Students Managed To Pull Off While Bored In Class

A big thanks to boredom and genius students, the internet has been honored with doodles that will make you view boring textbooks in a whole new light. Everything is evidently an inspiration for drawings, including our school textbooks.

We’ve all experienced a never-ending lesson and sure knows how infuriating as well as how tiring it can get waiting for such class to finish. And instead of sleeping off amid the lesson, some creative students have proven that doodle art in notebooks and even in textbooks can quench the boredom.

Ranging from scientific illustrations to funny extensions that changed the whole context, these acts of vandalism might not be applauded in the education universe, but will definitely be recognized amidst art teachers or perhaps amidst art lovers. Do take a look at how creative bored students are. Enjoy!


corenocirofa -Via

The kind of vandalism we are okay with.

Wordex -Via

Oh yes! One beautiful fish!

Sound effect: Woosh.

Ah, that explains it.

Someone was bored during math.

I really love the sme-

chanta-ayatakaoisii -Via

Taking a selfie.

BrocubaMY -Via

They don’t see what I’m doing, hehe.

Please try hurling it!

chanta-ayatakaoisii -Via

The Ring out of your book.

chanta-ayatakaoisii -Via

The various expressions of triangle man.

Hair, no!

The element of surprise.

hightechkid9 -Via

Sis got bored when reading her textbook.

imgur -Via

Patrick in a Calculus book.

threequarks -Via

Dialogue reads: “Kya~”

Gem in a textbook.

Unhorse -Via

What if Wang was reincarnated…

A gem.

goombaforyourwomba -Via

Confused Nobita.

peten0739 -Via

This is so creative.

Chanta_in_inari -Via

Neadertallica, rocking since a million years ago.

d*ckwolfe -Via

Some wise men of the past.

So this picture was taken with an iPhone.

BrocubaMY -Via

This textbook drawing ft. student.

Got math book with this drawing.

reddit -Via