20 Epic Urban Design Fails That Really Happened

In today’s society, designs have become increasingly important as a result of numerous products and exchange of information encountered in our daily living. 

Designs are undeniably the creation of a plan for the development of a system or an object. And of course, one would assume that every designer should always and at all-time create or build things that can be effectively utilized.

While you’d agree that designing requires considering some dimensions, some designers have, however, proven they can miserably fail at creating even the easiest things.

Ranging from a four-legged duck, the amusing old toy, to urban planning disasters, these epic design fails will make you question the certification of these designers. Do take a glance!

This Pool With A Yellow Plastic Mat At The Bottom Look Like It’s Filled With Urine

Darth_Creeper -Via

Hotel Curtain Look Like There’s A Blood Stain On Them

robloxlegoman -Via

This Lock And Alarm Store Is Named ‘Easy2Access’

fallevitus8495 -Via

Check Out The Design On The Floor Of A Bathroom. Isn’t It Creepy

TrainerSans252 -Via

A Thermometer In Celsius And Celsius!

Epii2 -Via

The No-Navigation Designed Pillows

MeatballPeanuts -Via

Meet The Real-Life Winnie

pheromonekvlt -Via

Wheelchair Access Is Actually A Staircase

Frank Farm -Via

This Clothing Display At A Store Is Creepy

Agent_Orange7 -Via

Would You Want This In Your Bathroom?

alaingx -Via

A Designed 4-Legged Duck

imgur -Via

Santa, Please Stop! I’ve Been Good

BoxBopChallenge -Via

Volleyball CoRec Quiz

imgur.com -Via

Firmly Secured

What’s The Point! You Perhaps Might End Up Burning Up

veethis -Via

Enjoy The Menstruating Tea. Sumptuous I Guess

Solero93 -Via

The Wonder Of Urban Planning

LeyendaV -Via

Is The Barbed Wire On Top Of The Gate Really Needed?

iiooiooi -Via

Parking Fee Got Pretty Real

KiKenTai -Via