25 Boyfriends And Husbands Who Made Their Relationship Too Interesting

We’ve had a good cheer when hilarious wives and girlfriends pulled the pranks on their poor partners. Here, it’s time for the gentlemen to return the earlier given favor with pranks as well.

A good relationship is certainly established on a solid commitment of true friendship, love, romance, faithfulness, and importantly on understanding. But at times, even the presence of the aforesaid isn’t adequate to maintain a happy long term relationship.

Have you ever thought of being witty or perhaps do you have a good sense of humor in a bid crack jokes with your partner? Well, if you don’t know, it’s best for every couple to share a hearty laugh together. Teasing one another, hilarious pranks, and even telling of jokes goes a long way in keeping a healthy relationship.

Some people understand the need for good cheer in their relationship, so here we’ve compiled a list of boyfriends and husbands who made sure their relationship didn't get unexciting. Do take a look and have a good cheer!

I asked my bf to pick an outfit for me while I was in the shower!

dnise -Via

He fell asleep when wife asked about him, so I put these on his face just to show what he’s been like before this.

DamnItIan -Via

Thought husband was making a new bed frame for us. It was for our cat.

julcarls -Via

Plane toast.

bonjourdebbie -Via

Celebrating our 1st anniversary with our Tinder chat printed on a blanket.

TeenageTeenwolf -Via

Girlfriend’s work got her wearing this at work today.

Henrythehoover -Via

When you don’t have the right candles for her 39th birthday.

Kwantumflux -Via

The distressed Target husband.

DudeDad -Via

Wife forgot to leave the baby car seat and asked how I’m getting boy to babysitter’s. Sent her this picture and turned phone off for 4 hours.

Big-D_OdoubleG -Via

Spending some quality time with boyfriend and the dog at the beach.

AlexandraTheGr347 -Via

Wife wanted me dressed for a professional Christmas picture, so I did.

Darzin -Via

I’m alone with the dog this weekend and sent girlfriend a picture.

eric72goblue -Via

Bail money.

she_oops -Via

Sending wife sexy pictures.

Brandon Sillings -Via

Noting down on what sleep-talking girlfriend says when she sleeps.

Soggybrick -Via

Spent 10 minutes taking wife’s pictures for Instagram. Asked her to do the same and we got this perfection in one take.

pimack -Via

Writing this down because my wife cries at absolutely anything.

TechnicallyRon_ -Via

Did a photobomb on wife for our wedding photoshoot.

Thatguy9211 -Via

Uncle upped his game on Christmas decoration upon wife’s instigation.

OpticDream -Via

Updating wife for my first time being left alone with the kids.

johnsbuffalo -Via

I am jealous of the special bond my boyfriend and cat has.

Arsenicyellow -Via

This was husband’s idea for our gender reveal cake.

Lemongrass29 -Via

He cracked a dad joke to make the family smile during the photo shoot.

Tio76 -Via

Husband labeled our herbs.

whit1and -Via

I told fiance that we’re going to need a funny tree topper to offset our ‘adult’ tree and he didn’t disappoint.

katlikeafox -Via