25 Hilarious Dads Who Totally Nailed Solo Parenting Game

A lot of dads really do live by their scheduled rules. Dads can be goofy, annoying as well as can be very loving. But Regardless of what most people may think, it’s evident that fathers aren’t the king of parenthood.

Mothers have specific ways of running the household, and importantly how the children should be cared for. It’s, however, the dad’s duty to ride along with it and ensure things are done the way a mom will want it.

Nevertheless, when mothers have to go on hibernation or perhaps go on an important errand and the kids are left alone with dads, the set plans tend to vanish within split seconds.

Be it dressing up their toddler as a gangster or creating a DIY human swing set for a baby, dads in this article have proven they’ve little interest in babysitting their kids.

Therefore, when next you need to embark on an emergency outing, think twice about it or you might end up on a compilation like this one. Anyways, here’re 25 photos that prove dads should never be allowed to babysit kids alone. Prepare for a good laugh!

Husband Dressed Son Like An Old Man For School

goodgriefwoman -Via

3-Day Old Daughter Fall Asleep In Dad’s Multi-Tasking Hands

2nie -Via

The Pancaked Baby Face. Isn’t The Baby Cute?

TheIncredibleAtheist -Via

Dad Keeping Toddler Away From The Snow Shiver

Son Designed As Joe Rogan For First Halloween

Taylor_Satine -Via

When Dad Tie Up Daughter’s Hair For The First Time Ever

Meet, The Two Fresh Kiwis

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Mom Said Kids Should Stay In Bed. Of Course, They Are

This Only Happen When Dad Give Kid A Bath

MelissaNas -Via

Who’s Supposed To Be Sleeping? Me Or Dad?

Father’s Day Well Spent With Kids

hafelnuts -Via

Dad Became A Swing Since Daughter Wanted One

Label Marker For Proper Identification ‘Baby’

cbam -Via

Putting A One-Year-Old To Sleep Is Tasking. Dad’s Position Is Relatable

gmlgp9868 -Via

Dad Is Evidently Not Taking The Fatherhood Thing Seriously

AlexBates1991 -Via

Dad Turned Toddler Into A Mini Gangster

Problem Solved 100%

sensusezik -Via

How Are You Liking This Dad’s Makeup On Toddler?

64536453 -Via

Is He A Bad Dad For Doing This?

furygoat -Via

Meet The Real-Life Boss Baby. Dad Recreated It Real Good

Krunchy_Kitten -Via

This View Is Sincerely Unlucky

TautYetMalleable -Via

Kid With The Eyebrows. This Isn’t Disappointing!

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First Attempt At Babysitting Daughter

daedalus_78 -Via

Dad Solved The Disturbing Moment In The Best Way

When Ponytail Style For Daughter Is 100% A Must