26 Of The Most Unlucky People Encountered Hilarious Bad Day

Life is hard, there is no doubt about that, but even then the universe is generous enough to grant each individual their own unique set of challenges, some laughable and others pretty serious. Nevertheless how we choose to deal with our setbacks often translates to our general day to day mood; it makes us either smile or get upset. The individuals in our compilation weren't very lucky; Stolen pizza, a failed attempt to ask a girl out, are some examples of the bad luck they had put up with. However, their outstanding sense of humor saved the situation and even changed the situation entirely.

Check out these individuals who had a bad day but ended up turning the tables and in the end even laughing at themselves. Maybe they'll make you smile too.

He bought a smartphone online but received a stone!

samfisher457 -Via

This looks expensive!

TrappaTroopa -Via

My boyfriend dropped my makeup bag.

dinklederp -Via

“Spent the last two months exercising, eating well, getting in shape. Sunday was my first organized soccer game in ten years. 35 minutes in and I partially tore my quad.”

the_dollyllama -Via

My mailbox was blown up by lightning last night!

bytorthesnowdog -Via

Spraying weed killer instead of weed n feed.

hilltophermit -Via

Someone got his license today.

CanadianAndroid -Via

Tan lines looking like a car ran over her.

Kdial2002 -Via

“It might rain today, I think I’ll take my umbrella out.”

aJayIsHappy -Via

Developed alcohol intolerance after casual drinking for years. This is after one drink.

LabernumMount -Via

The wind uprooted the tree on my front lawn.

hfaizan17 -Via

My order was ‘half mushroom, half pepperoni’.

clark6050 -Via

The road between Kununurra and Broome is closed due to flooding, and the closest detour on paved roads is almost 4,000 miles.

YungFerg -Via

Queen-size bed frame and mattress.

XBL_blue110 -Via

Traded for the ‘window seat’ before getting on the plane.

Fsf89 -Via

Planning to head to work early when:

MisterKingman -Via

Forklift driver doing a great job with delivering new sofa.

Kuffdam -Via

On a beautiful Sunday morning.

holdmybrew1 -Via

The toner exploded when getting switched out and I was there.

paochow -Via

If you’re wondering, the window was down when the truck drove through a puddle next to me.

AdmiralLobstero -Via

The professionals insisted that this was the only way to install my old AC in the new house.

DexterSharma -Via

My chicken stole my pizza slice off my plate.

reddit -Via

He tried.

Mohanselvaraj16 -Via

When you don’t follow instructions well.

AussieArlenBales -Via

Well, looks like the link did not work.

DelisionalMeatball -Via

My boss of a small coffee shop accidentally mixed unroasted beans into roasted ones, so we’re separating them by hands now.

reddit -Via