Artist's 24 Beautiful Illustrations Show That Love Is In The Small Things

The way humans show they love someone differs from relationship to relationship. A lot of people tend to think that love can only be expressed with extraordinary gestures that can be seen by the world. Fortunately, true love, however, exists even in the smallest and seemingly mundane things.

Philipa Rice, a multi-talented artist has been creating incredible comics, which of cause a lot of us can find relatable. Titled ‘Soppy’, the heart-melting illustrations feature a day to day situations that doesn’t appear to be love related at all, but still, add up to an exciting relationship.

The artist evidently focuses on priceless tender moments, including walking together, cooking, reading and hugging rather than on flowers and gifts.

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Love Is Accidentally Hugging Each Other While Asleep

Shopping Is More Fun With Partner

When You’re Down, Love Is Someone Being There To Hold Hands

Reading In Bed With Partner Is Priceless

Cooking Together Is Most Fun Task, Although It’s Challenging At Times

Love Bring Forth Memorable Cuddling Positions

Love Kick Against Cold Autumn Keeping Your Heart All Warm

Love Is About Exploring New Things, Even If It’s Within The Neighborhood

Love Entails Heading Towards The Same Direction

Love Tells You All Will Be Fine

Love Is Also About Compromise! Bed Turns Are Inevitable

Falling Asleep On Loved One’s Lap

Love Is Having A Favorite Café Where Two Heart Matters

I’m Sorry Becomes An Easy Thing To Say

Love Is Having Long Talks In Bed Even When There’s No Serious Discussion

Love Sometimes Requires Difficult Questions

The Smallest Problem Matter To Your Significant Other

Love Is About The Smallest Things

Purchasing IKEA Furniture Is Like Playing With LEGO

The Biggest Confusion Is What To Eat For Dinner

Mundane Tasks Are More Fun When Carried Out Together

True Love Means Forgetting Everything For A Hug

Love Is Being In One Place & Not Doing Things Together

Love Can Be Seen Even In The Kitchen