50 Hilarious Design Fails That Will Make You Think Other Way

Expect more to come in the future guys. This is a compilation of design, decor, and failed attempts of creativity that humankind achieved. In this year and age of technology, it's very hard to differentiate yourself. That is why people have to compete at a very fast pace to keep coming up with something new, something different.

Let's just say that these people succeeded, but not in a positive tone. These are people who attempted to be efficient but ended up turning the whole system into a complete failure. Others were just coincidences that create the wrong impression if you don't pay enough attention.

Well, we hope people can learn from this and learn that sometimes, being different is not always a good thing.

#1 Probably Not The Best Color For A Bike Saddle

Lt_PeteMitchell1 -Via

#2 When Your Security Gate Is A Ladder

pcjcusaa1636 -Via

#3 I Didn’t Qualify For This Paid Survey After Selecting “No”

bunnyxjam -Via

#4 Seriously?

03Shael -Via

#5 Inflatable Pirate Castle


#6 Noted

jhoang0730 -Via

#7 This Ad Placement

MyNameGifOreilly -Via

#8 Forever 21 Does Not Know How To Use Photoshop Or What Women Actually Look Like

add217 -Via

#9 Perfect Design

ivan_zykov -Via

#10 I Think They Forgot To Photoshop The Other Boob

youfound404 -Via

#11 The Clock Hands Don’t Glow...

Bl0rgasmorg -Via

#12 Light Switch In Kids Room

AlexKiri -Via

#13 Water fountain!!


#14 Closer Than You Think

handofskadi -Via

#15 So My Campus Had A Suicide Awareness And Prevention Day

KBid-1998 -Via

#16 The 'Bathroom' In My Airbnb Will 100% Result In Shitty Encounters With The Host

TheInBredDragon -Via

#17 "We Need To Decorate The Toilet For The Disabled" "Say No More"

WiggelingOversnipe -Via

#18 It Almost Seems Intentional

Palifaith -Via

#19 Putting The Bathroom Lightswitch Right Beside The Fire Alarm Control Switch In An Elderly Persons Home...

Axeoid -Via

#20 Stupidity Level: Human

iam_nobody -Via

#21 When You Play The Sims But Forget To Rotate

orangejuice1234 -Via

#22 Still Unsure Of The Answer

nerevarinemw -Via

#23 Don’t Think They Thought This Through

Winston715 -Via

#24 Love All These Options

Deaf_Jesus -Via

#25 How To Break Your Bones

Cyreniac -Via

#26 Protect Your Ho At Home Depot

probablyadeadboy -Via

#27 Absolutely Over The Moon With My New Oven

YungTabernacle -Via

#28 Look Closely Between The 7.5 And 8.0

observerblock -Via

#29 Advertising Plus-Size Leggings With A Small Model In One Leg Instead Of Getting A Plus-Sized Model

dhealey989 -Via

#30 Must've Been Designed By Orangutans