24 People’s Tinder Bios Are So Cool That Make Everyone Swipe Right

Swipe left, and sometimes right - it shows that users with a warm smile in their dating app photo might pick up their opportunities of matching up with someone.

While some people took their profile to a totally new level by spicing things up with ridiculous pictures, a witty joke, or even a combination of both, the outcome turns out to comical than anticipated, and one thing is certain – their effort really worth those like buttons!

Diving through the dating world and hunting for the best profiles, listed here are the best ones spotted so far. Take a look!

This is my kind of man.

_immortaljellyfish_ -Via

Looking for a mean girl.

vrpowell2000 -Via

When you’re on Tinder and lockdown.

JJLordy -Via

She’s not wrong.

ojoaopestana -Via

“Don’t do that thing with quotes in your tinder profile”

drwise2312 -Via

How he uses his picture to describe himself.

fetus-wearing-a-suit -Via

Wow, we had such amazing similarities!

Juzcress -Via

This perfect woman from Santiago.

Sir_cocconut -Via

Good to know your siblings are always looking out for you.

blooninja -Via

Please date him, someone.

Lilac0996 -Via

Hope this happy man finds love!

MorPie99 -Via

She suffers.

The_Venezian -Via

But goofy enough.

Find the right shark.

lucidcraycray -Via

Either both of them or none at all!

missrumsoakedkiss -Via

Current Relationship Status: I Can Relate.

Thinking-About-Her -Via

Stylish with a unique diet.

Komplexs -Via

Who wants to be her Shrek?!

Majora101 -Via

He’s a good listener.

breauxsb4hoes -Via

A smart profile.

MaybeP*nisTomorrow -Via

Such amazing reviews!

Bannaner5 -Via

No need to worry of his past!

CaitlinGhost27 -Via

This legend who’s poking fun on those begging profiles.

Negrodamu55 -Via


Kopar199 -Via