24 Cool Teachers, Students Are Always Crazy To Attend Their Class

Today is appreciation day in the United States. Will you applaud your high school or college teacher? Perhaps not. But if they are nice then you possibly should. After school can be kind of boring, so it takes a very unique kind of teacher to stop you from falling asleep at your desk daily.

Here are some of the examples of awesome teachers.  Some of these teachers have ‘I want to marry Justin Bieber’ embossed on their pencils to stop students from stealing them, some of them stake board to work every day while some confiscate their student’s phones just so they can take selfies with them. Check them out!

This school’s amazing provision.

Jamesthedrake -Via

He nailed that phone when his student used it 20 years ago. It’s still there.

Dansawsumting -Via

He can’t contain his excitement!

nicoleteespot -Via

Right down evil and savage.

MrMegaGamerz -Via

He loves it old-school method.

kirstenteigg -Via

Waiting in front of the girl

geesongz -Via

Meanwhile, the cable hangers in this school’s computer room.

SIMPalaxy -Via

These teachers who do something hilarious for their yearbook every year.

haystackreaction -Via

haystackreaction -Via

haystackreaction -Via

Peanut butter and jellies by hand for his students who didn’t have breakfast before test.

hnhys -Via

A kind reminder from this English teacher at a highschool.

Amk1221amk -Via

Dedicated and enthusiastic teachers still exist. He brought in a 10MB hard disk from the 60’s.

sixfivezerotwo -Via

Teacher brought this guy in and now he’s part of the family.

ayatokiwa -Via

His comfortable stance.

readitt123 -Via

She tied her hair similar to the bullied girl to show her support.

Ana Bárbara Ferreira -Via

We should be worried, right?

WillKomoll -Via

A legit threat.

jigantie1 -Via

This mirror helps students see what the teacher does during cooking class.

Levelis -Via

The door to this professor’s room.

CantFindBacon -Via

Is there such thing as a perfect teacher? Yes. This man helped calm a crying baby because his mom could not afford a nanny.

Facebook -Via

Teacher who drew the world map by himself because he couldn’t find one.

rhyndzu -Via

Biology professor’s awesome tie!

Hindu_Wardrobe -Via

This perfect use of the meme.

Cheezburger -Via

When that boy gets better, he is going to love school.

thecake_is_a_lie1 -Via

Some professors don’t realize they’re some of the best love gurus ever.

torihelmke -Via