How Self-isolation Urged Lonely Exes To Get In Touch Despite Ghosting For Years

Enthused by the words of Dua Lipa, permit me to give you some advice: don’t make an  attempt to pick his calls, you know he’s calling you because he’s feeling lonely as a result of the isolation.

That’s absolutely right, it looks like nothing makes an ex more thirsty than self-isolation as we adjust to life in these weird and lonely times.

Currently, I am dating an expert, but I have been in the game for a very long time to know that Sunday evening is the golden window for swiping and chatting to potential love interests.

With the need to be fresh for Monday, people don’t tend to have plans, freeing up their time for a little dating app action.

But now that social events are canceled and many of us working from home, every day starts to feel like Sunday: to the point that ex-boyfriend or girlfriend popping back up.

‘I Hadn’t Heard From Him For Months:’

‘I got a pinged on my  phone and it happens to be from a guy I last spoke with August 2019 asking how I was doing. the thing is this guy wasn’t even an ex- he was someone I chatted with briefly after meeting on an app- we didn’t even make it to the dating stage.’

‘While one side of me was touched that he was checking in to make sure I was good, the wiser side of me knew his game. He was feeling bored, on his own  and most likely had nothing better to do than get his ego massaged.’ Hana Carter said.

The trend appears widespread as people hearing from their exes are sharing the messages on the internet

However, the question you should ask yourself when an old love appears on your phone without invitation is, would the person be talking to you right now if he or she had their normal daily distraction? Think about it!