20 Pictures That Show What It’s Like To Work In Hospitals At The Moment

Countries are doing the right thing by isolating, social distancing or perhaps by quarantining as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

Nevertheless, frontlines workers, including other professions aren’t having the luxury at the moment. Health care workers are on the frontlines, putting all they can to take care of us all.

Health workers, including custodial staff, EMTs, technicians, nurses, and doctors are, on the other hand, sharing what it’s like to be on the front lines during this ongoing pandemic.

So, here are some of their heartbreaking photos! 

#1 The Amazing Collection Tent Crew! We’ve Been Here For The Community & Our Patients Six Days A Week


#2 As A Nurse Anesthesiologist I Have To Wear This Respirator Every Day. I’m Grateful For The Supplies, Many Of Coworkers Don’t


#3 I Can't-Wait For This To Be Over Soon, So People In My Nursing Home Can See Their Loved Ones


#4 I’m A Pediatric Nurse In Atlanta & Due To The Shortage Of PPE, We Most Times Have To Reuse


#5 I’m An ICU Nurse. We’re Given One Mask With One Paper Bag & Told To Reuse

marissa davidson

#6 Working Frontlines Means Standing In Patient’s Room While Fighting For Their Life


#7 Someone Donated Us Reusable Masks & It Can Be Washed


#8 No Test For Employees At Our Hospital


#9 At The End Of A 12-Hour Shift, I Was Sweating Profusely & Had Wanted To Cry


#10 Selfie Taken After 12 Hours Of Sitting Outside In The 90 Degree Florida Heat


#11 Running Out Of N95 Respirators! Taking A Page Out Of Star Wars Book Of Facial Protection


#12 I’ve Been Decorating The Reused Items Bag As A Means Of Staying Positive


#13 If You Contract The Illness, Be Sure You’re Likely To Die Alone, Gathered By Staff In Quarantine Gear Instead Of Families


#14 These Different Colored Dots Confirm We Don’t Yet Have A Fever


#15 I Have To Bypass My Two Kids When I Return Home From Work. I Don’t Touch Anything Until I Have Scrub My Entire Body


#16 In The Middle Of A 60-Hour Workweek! We’re Exhausted


#17 I Get To Hold Patients Hands While Facetiming With Their Families, But I’m Unhappy That It Has To Be Gloved


#18 I & My Kids FaceTime On The Phone, But It Isn’t The Same As Holding Them Close


#19 Just Spent 13 Hours With 8 Patients On Ventilators


#20 How My Face Looks After Being In My Patient’s Room For 45 Minutes.