12 People Share Interesting Things That Happened During The Quarantine

Brooding does no one no good, no matter how much we can't help ourselves with it. We know that, but the negative news and sadness that is so prevalent on social media, literally our only way to connect to the outside world, is just overwhelmed with it.

Brighthumanity decided that we should be spreading more positive news. Maybe, we can't find a single positive news about this, after all, but what about the small, wholesomeness that exist in our day to day life? We're probably spending more time than ever with our family. People are finally giving medical professionals the attention and appreciation they've always deserved in standing on the frontline against exposure towards lethal diseases such as Covid-19. Or maybe it's just the small pranks and jokes people are making to lighten up the mood around the neighborhood.

Can you share one positive thing to your friends today?

#1 This woman is not a mixed breed. She just couldn't find a protective mask, so she had to wear this to the restaurant.

FroggyMcTerrison -Via

#2 Wear a mask, they said. It'll keep anyone safe, they said.

Uk1066 -Via

#3 This very kind Indian woman shares free vegetarian food for the community.

pawnime -Via

#4 More mask jokes.

blodger42 -Via

#5 Boy had his 7th birthday party cancelled, but that didn't stop his friends from surprising him with a parade instead!

floridaman22 -Via

#6 Dad tried to warn the neighbors about Covid-19 with a grim reminder of past inhabitors.

we_made -Via

#7 Meanwhile, Woody, Buzz Lightyear and friends are out here filming Toy Story 5.

darkandtwistysissy -Via

#8 This man is a doctor from a high risk hospital and has to live away from his family. Here's him meeting his toddler.

beaverkc -Via

#9 Meanwhile, some parents have to work from home...

4musing_User_Name -Via

#10 Shopping while Covid-19: A guideline.

o0gader0o -Via

#11 And then, there's that person who's been social distancing his whole life.

imgur -Via

#12 This paramedic received a round of applause from her neighbors when she was about to head out for another night shift.

Nice-Block -Via