25 Strange Things People Found And Ask The Internet To Identify

Have you ever tripped on something in the desolate or at a pal’s place and have this mindset, ‘what is this thing?’

For sure you have, and mostly you either have to hope someone close is aware or use your limited Google-Fu skills in an attempt to get the answer.

#1 ‘Found At A Beach On The Gulf Coast. I’m Thinking It’s Some Kind Of Teeth From A Being That Died In The Gulf Of Mexico’ _Peyotejones

Reddit | PeyoteJones

#2 ‘What Is This Stripe That Lights Under A Black Glow On The Brink Of A Mail Envelope For?’ _ Salvador TMZ

Reddit | SalvadorTMZ

#3 ‘Weird Key In A IBM Box On A Wall In A Public Corridor At My University.’_Kerberosmorphy

Reddit | KerberosMorphy

#4 ‘I Found This Thing In My Basement And I Don’t Have The Knowledge Of What It Is. It Has Some Kind Of Yellow Light Liquid In It Of Some Sort.’ ___ Ahadtheking

Reddit | ahadtheking

#5 ‘Is This Some Kind Of Cable Or phone Line Guide? Made Of Porcelain Think.’ ___ 11rick58

Reddit | 11rick58

#6 ‘On My Uni Wall, I Have A Feeling It Has Something To Do With Electricity. What Are They Used For?’ ___Soszna

Reddit | soszna

#7 ‘What Is This Silver Covering That Is Shedding From My Garlic Press? Is It Toxic?’___Therealtp2016

Reddit | TheRealTP2016

#8 ‘These Were Fixed At An Intersection Not Too Long Ago. They Are Light Blue. My Town Just Voted To Get Rid Of All Red Light Cameras, So I Assume It Can’t Be That.’ ___ Captainechinoid

Reddit | captainechinoid

#9 ‘Beneath My Rug It’s Porous And Spongy.’ ___ Oblivious _Norwhale

Reddit | oblivious_norwhale

#10 ‘Beneath My Rug It’s Porous And Spongy.’ ___ Oblivious _Norwhale ‘So, The Whole Device Is A Safety Window Hammer. But What Is The Withdrawing Needle? I Have Never Seen Another Safety Hammer With This Needle.’ __Imlife_Havealemon

Reddit | Imlife_havealemon

#11 ‘Seen This While Walking On The Beach In SC This Noonday.’ ___ Thepeachadventures

Reddit | thepeachadventures

#12 ‘Is The Camera In The Public Stall?’ ___Barbedwire

Reddit | BarbedWire3

#13 ‘Some Type Of Light Or Camera Has Appeared In My Neighbor’s Window Facing My Flat, What Is It?’ ____ Spockpinch

Reddit | spockpinch

#14 ‘I Was Glancing Through A Box Of Pens And I Discover This Thing, It Slides In And Out But Appears To Have No Function, What Is It?’ ___ Skullboy56289p01

Reddit | skullboy56289p01

#15 This Powder Keeps Falling From The Top Of My House What Is It? ___ STK761

Reddit | STK761

#16 ‘Those Green Lines Over Some Places In North Korea What Are They For (Via Google Maps)?’ ___Sheriidiian

Reddit | SheriidiiaN

#17 ‘What Is This White Thing On My Frozen Edamame?’ ___ Sterbin

Reddit | Sterbin

#18 ‘Saw This In My Air Vent. Can You Guess What It Is?

Reddit | sunsfan222

#19 What Are These? Light But Sturdy Plastic. Discovered It In A Large Storage Bay Close To Cleaning Supplies.’ __Golden Funk

Reddit | Golden_Funk

#20 ‘Just Purchased A New House, Seen This Panel In One Of The Bedrooms, Any Idea Of What It Is?’

Reddit | zach26505

#21 ‘Just Observed This In My Bag Of Tostitos. What Is It?’ ___ Donald _Drumpff

Reddit | Donald_Drumpff

#22 ‘What Are These Things Discovered At A Beach In Greece? We Think They Are Organic.’ __ Toonwa

Reddit | toonwa

#23 ‘Saw This In A Restroom. Filled With Vaseline/Some Sort Of Perfumed Petroleum Jelly,’ __Valkyriem27

Reddit | ValkyrieM27

#24 ‘What Is In This Water To Make It Orange? (Right) Right Next To A Clear Watercourse And A Neighborhood. (Left) Is It Sewage?’ __ JT-JT

Reddit | JT-TJ

#25 ‘Found In Ancient House. Everything Appears Metal, With Holes In The ‘Fingers.’ No Power Cord, No Switch To Be Found.’ ___ Tactical_Bacon_Light

Reddit | tactical_bacon_light