22 Amateur Chefs Who Shouldn’t Be Left In The Kitchen Without Supervision

I see myself as a very good chef. I have been working on my cooking procedures and techniques for a few years now, but I certainly know-how it feels like when you are just starting out and making many mistakes.

So when I see other chefs having issues with their cooking I understand their pain. Believe me, sooner or later it will get better if you stick with it. After all, practice makes perfect. So they say!

#22 See What Happens When You Just Get A Boxed Cake Mix And Think You Can Make A Masterpiece

#21 Prepare Baby Yoda Deviled Eggs. They Will Be So Cute’


#20 It Would’ve Been The Extravagant Rainbow Crepe Cake I’d Ever Seen If It Didn’t Turn Out Like This

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#19 Just Dump All The Ingredient In The Frying Pan And Wait For It To Cook

#18 What A Birthday Surprise? Kudos To Your Friends

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#17 Lady Tried To Make Kale Chips And It Turned Out Like This

#16 There’s A Lot Of Skill Involved In Making Rainbow Bread

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#15 How Can Someone Burn Eggs?

#14 Aren’t These Panda Bear Cake Pops Completely The Prettiest?

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#13 It Is Not A Cooking Device

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#12 The Husband Said, ‘I'll Just Put The Chicken Back Into The Oven To Keep It Warm’

#11 Sometimes You Just Have To Accept That Baking Isn’t Your Thing

#10 Heating Up Dumplings Is My Go-To Especially When I’m In A Hurry

#9 This Can Be Part Of The Long List Of What We Are Not To Do With Ramen Noodles

#8 This Is A Glorified Snack.

#7 What Were They Trying To Make Here? Chocolate Freddy Krueger Hands? Oh No!

#6 This Dish Certainly Doesn’t Seem Too Appetizing To Me

#5 Just Maybe It’s The Smell Of Burning That Should Normally Set You Off To Notice Something Went Wrong

#4 If This Is Your Attempt Of Making Breakfast I Suggest You Go Out Instead

#3 At Times Something That Seems Easy Can Give Some Of Us Trouble

#2 Is It Possible To Reheat Pizza Inside The Box?

#1 If You Really Set Your Pasta On Fire Then, You Have No Business Doing Anything In The Kitchen