Artist Illustrates Her Married Life In 30 Hilarious Comics

Married life is not always sunshine and a bed of roses. It’s about building the love with each passing day and growing old together. It’s about sacrifices, patience, and persistence. You don’t think about only yourself anymore you have a partner with whom you need to share your life with. Marriage demands tons of love and affection every day to keep that bond stronger. But for one couple, it definitely makes for some pretty epic artwork. Caroline is an artist who loves video games and drawing stuff about her married life. She has been married to her best friend Steven and started making illustrations of their married life as she wanted to express her love beyond words for him.

It was fun making the comics so she kept illustrating more and more comic strips each day and sharing with everyone. She posts her comic strips on her Instagram handle and Facebook where she has gathered more than 3k followers. 

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#1 The happiness when you see your partner

#2 Spicy food

#3 When he bakes a cake

#4 Being with him makes you feel safe and confident

#5 When she loves a warm bath and you love cold

#6 You can mourn about anything in front of him

#7 Deciding what to eat

#8 And all the jokes you crack with each other

#9 Playing video games together

#10 When your private time isn't your private time

#11 When you leave small surprises on his desk but after tasting it

#12 The anger

#13 Who cares if it's hot? You just want to cuddle

#14 You ask questions that you already know the answers to

#15 Kisses coming to you

#16 Finding ways to tell each other how much you love them

#17 Waking him up

#18 Getting back hugs

#19 Just thirsting over him

#20 When you both spend time with each other

#21 Spreading love

#22 Hugs, hugs and more hugs

#23 When you appreciate everything about him

#24 Taking a bath together

#25 And all those movie dates

#26 Morning kisses

#27 All you need is your partner to turn your bad day into a good one

#28 Taking care of each other when you're sick

#29 “Finally found a title, which is I love you x infinity (because Steven and I have been saying that to each other since the beginning)”

#30 He even likes your horrible singing