27 Things You’re Not Taught In High School, But Learnt Pretty Much Immediately In College

Almost all of us have been to school and learned so many things that make us the way we are and shape our future. But high school doesn’t teach you everything that you may need in your practical life. When you’re a teenager, it never comes soon enough, but when you’re in college and are ready to face the world, you find yourself wondering why in the world your high school never taught you how to actually prepare for it.

Although you may feel that your high school and college are almost the same but the reality is very different. The two are worlds apart! There are so many valuable things that you learn in your college that were never mentioned when you were in high school. Studying in college is an experience of a lifetime and only people who went to college really know what it's like.

So here we have a list of the unexpected things that you might not learn in high school but learn almost instantly in college.

#1 It will be a mystery for you

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#2 Assigned seat is just a myth

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#3 You need to reach on time if you want parking

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#4 You will always get a group that's going to betray you

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#5 Marks doesn't really matter

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#6 You will find people even more confused than you

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#7 You get innovative

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#8 Coffee is more important than your lectures

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#9 Post-skip depression

#10 Your perspective changes

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#11 You just get so confused

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#12 They are not decorative items

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#13 "Office hours" has a flexible meaning

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#14 Because you don't know what's ahead

#15 It becomes stressful

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#16 Does marks really matters in college?

#17 You are tired all the time

#18 That's what every college student thinks

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#19 Professors

#20 Part of something big

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#21 That's all you have

#22 Money well spent

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#23 A schedule is important

#24 Keep skipping questions

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#25 The great friend blend

#26 Whose fault it is?

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#27 Nothing else matters than passing your exams

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