16 Hilarious Pictures Prove Everyone Has A Bad Day

The camera has revolutionized the world. We can do a lot of things today with just a tap that people couldn’t even think of two decades ago. With each passing day, the cameras overall are getting better and better and honestly, people are obsessed with the cameras, why? Because they love clicking pictures and also, getting themselves clicked. We all have some of our pictures that look just perfect. We want to capture it all and relive the moments when we want. But sometimes, these pictures can also get ruined by some sudden incidents that just happened milliseconds before getting clicked and things like that prove that literally, no one is safe from having a bad day. Moments like getting wine spilled over a bride’s dress just before the click and what not! There are multiple such incidents that happen all the time.

Today, we bring to you a list of such disasters that literally ruined people’s days. Here are some good laughs coming your way.

#1 Can Coca Cola be drunk through the nose?

© davidcharlito / imgur -Via

#2 She didn’t know that she’d fall after this and have this huge mark on her cheek

© m0rris0n_hotel / reddit -Via

#3 Perfect wedding dress, ruined!

© Aeogor / reddit -Via

#4 We think she pulled out the wrong one

© WhereLibertyisNot / reddit -Via

#5 The bird knew just the moment when to steal the food

© Arbayest / reddit -Via

#6 Forgetfulness can get us a tail

© CopyX / imgur -Via

#7 That misguided jump

© scourgeobohem / reddit -Via

#8 Seems like someone’s jaw is gonna be dislocated

© anonymous / reddit -Via

#9 Looks like the cake won't be there for this birthday party

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#10 The expression says it all

© BeautifulDumpling / reddit -Via

#11 The third guy didn’t lean properly

© wakipaki / reddit -Via

#12 That hurts

© GaggaMaggot / reddit -Via

#13 The dog knew that it’s his bad day, the moment he saw this

© TimboJones / reddit -Via

#14 The parrot didn’t really return the love

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#15 An inflammation on the forehead is on the way

© Endless_Vanity / reddit -Via

#16 That reaction is so valuable

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