Artist Gave 'Distracted Boyfriend' Comic A Whole New Twist To It

Memes are more than just a joke. It has become part of an international culture that is centered at the digital age and although millions of memes are being generated even as I'm writing this and you read this, only a few made it and last into the next decade. Nobody does know the meme, even if they don't know it, they definitely have encountered one in their lifetime.

One of that meme is the 'Distracted Boyfriend' where a passing woman got the man distracted, making the girl raging with jealousy at the act. But artist Unfins has got another idea. There is a whole story behind this meme - that the boyfriend is more than just distracted by a woman more attractive than the one he's holding hands with.

Unfins first became popular when he made a cute 4-part comics on 'Woman yelling at a cat' meme. Now, he's tackling a more romance-related meme.

Aww... this comic just took a wholesome turn and don't we just love it?


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Anyway, the man behind Unfins, Damien, reveals how he came up with the ideas. It all began as a whim.

“Memes are everywhere and memes are funny so one night, as I was drawing my series, I just took a break and did that ‘woman yelling at a cat’ comic on a whim," said the illustrator. “Then it exploded." If any of you knew about the comic, the comic had quite the dark plot that involved alcoholism, dangerous driving, and the meme itself.

The meme itself is actually from a stock photo which story actually follows that the girlfriend ended up with the woman the boyfriend eyed.

People are in love with Unfins' interpretation of the meme!