This Village Without Roads Is Straight Out Of A Fairytale Book

We all read storybooks and dreamt of living in our own fairy tale world. Well, although it’s all fiction, there are still some places on this planet that are no less than something out of a storybook. The village Giethoorn, also known as “Venice of the Netherlands” in the Netherlands is one of them. The magical village is famous for its most unique feature, for instance, you won’t kind of modern transportation here at all and the only way to travel around is by boat. The village has no roads, only canals. Giethoorn which means ‘the horn of goats’ was founded by a group of refugees from the south in 1230. They came across the magical place in search of a new settlement. There were a huge number of goat horns that were left over after a big flood and thus the village got its name.

The tourists have to travel by foot or by whisper boat leaving their cars outside of the village. It’s said that when there are no visitors the loudest sound you can hear is the noise of birds and the quacking of ducks.

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The village Giethoorn, in the Netherlands, has absolutely no roads and only canals -Via

You won't find any kind of modern transportation here. The only way to travel around is by boat -Via

You will find 'whisper boats' as the mean of transportation. Electric motors are used in boats here and no diesel engines are allowed

The village has a unique atmosphere of silence, relaxation, and comfort

Dino Cutic -Via

When the village is not flooded with tourists, the loudest sound to be heard is the quacking of the ducks -Via

This idyllic small town, also known as the ’Venice of the Netherlands’ was founded by a group of refugees from the South in 1230

NLHank -Via

The place was named Giethoorn (the horn of goats) because the refugees found a huge number of goat horns that were left over after a big flood when they first arrived

Magda Djm -Via

The inhabitants found numerous peat deposits that were eventually turned into lakes, and then into the chain of canals -Via

The houses are connected by 50 wooden bridges and are located on islands -Via

The village doesn't look any less than a fairy tale -Via