17 Hilarious Kids That Know Exactly How To Drive Their Parents Mad

Parenthood is a tough job to do. With a child comes immense happiness, fortune, and joy in the family but so comes a lot of responsibilities, work, and stress. Raising a child is an achievement in itself. Children are naggy, sensitive and unable to do a lot of things by themselves. There are so many books on parenting, that claim that they will teach you everything about parenting but that seldom happens. When we have that little angel,

We must always be ready for a lookout and encounter things and places that have always been around us but unexplored. This might sound like an exciting thing overall, but trust us, you won’t like every such thing that you get to see. Kids can be really distracting sometimes.

It’s like a job of kids to make their parents mad by looking after them. And unlike Math, some are exceptionally good at it. Today, we bring to you 17 such kids that are experts when it comes to driving their parents completely crazy.

#1 She came to her dad just to ask him what was he doing

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#2 His parents just wasted $150 on a pool and he likes a paint container

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#3 Some kids can also get stuck inside a claw machine and we have no idea how they do that

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#4 Being a father can sometimes not be that awesome as people say

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#5 This is an epitome of torture, even better than the Zodiac

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#6 The kid didn’t mean to ruin the coffee but ruined it anyway

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#7 We said they can take you to places

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#8 This child was caught cheating while being quizzed by his parents

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#9 We’re wondering where do kids get such ideas from

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#10 It just takes one second of lost focus for that to happen

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#11 Children are really creative with drawings

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#12 Logic

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#13 This 5-year-old needed backup while playing cops and robbers with his brother and so he dialed 911 on an old cellphone

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#14 That’s the best thing to be put into a toilet

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#15 Parents don’t get it!

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#16 Lesson: Don’t take your kids to work

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#17 The moment of realization that the permanent marker isn’t coming off!

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