15 Amazing Things About Life In Greece That Seem Strange To Outsiders

Three very popular things that come to the mind when thinking about Greece is certainly Zeus, Greek Island, and The Odyssey. On the other hand, do you have an idea the country is also the most suitable place to live as well as to rest?

With an estimated 300 Sunny days a year, you can swim in four different seas in Greece and interestingly, the locals are very welcoming and hospitable. Nevertheless, just like any other country in the world, Greece has some daily struggles and nuances.

Bright Humanity decided to investigate the Greek lifestyle and surprisingly found amazing things about life in Greece. Enjoy!

#1 Women Find It Difficult To Accept Their Husband’s Last Name

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It’s quite impossible for women to take their husband’s last name in Greece. A woman can try to get court permission but largely depended on very good reason. ‘When I got married to a Greek man, I honestly wanted his last name. But I was surprised when I discovered it was legally impossible.’ Women from foreign forums explained.

Filing an official plea in a bid to have a double last name can, however, result into time and a lot of money. In addition, there’s no guarantee for a positive answer. Accordingly, children can either bear their mother’s or father's last names.

Before 1983, a law in Greece had permitted women to take their husband’s last name – it was mandatory. But then, famous Greek politician, Andreas Papandreou found love with a flight attendant and reached a consensus to divorce wife, Margaret Papandreou. Reacting, the then angered wife said: ‘There will be no other Mrs. Papandreou.’ In a way, she influenced Greece’s lawmakers and eventually the law was changed. 

#2 Divorce Is Not Common In Greece

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Getting a divorce in Greece is something unusual. The holy matrimony institution is much protected, thus the percentage of the divorcee is relatively low in Europe. To get a divorce in Greece, participants would have to overcome a lot of bureaucracy procedures as well as spend huge money. In the Greek Law, you can’t get a divorce if married for less than six months. Family ties are everything in Greek. 

#3 Greek People Are So Passionate About Kissing

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Greek citizens kiss twice, once on every cheek. Being an interesting tradition among men just as much as it is among women, it works for acquaintances and friends. Kissing is inevitable and it’s believed it’s a way of showing people they are the same as them. 

#4 Having Kids Is Important In Greece

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A lot of foreign women are startled by the aforementioned. There’s a clear tradition in Greece that reads 40 days after a child is born, they can’t be visited but sent gifts and well wishes. Very often, husbands come home with gifts for their newborns from colleagues. In addition, some tourists are shocked at how Greek people handle babies. During maternity leave, a new mother is entitled to a 10-month paid vacation, after which 4 months off without pay will also be granted. 

#5 Foreigners And Inhabitants Have Free Access To Medical Help

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There’s compulsory health insurance in Greece. Although, seeing a doctor in a government hospital can be challenging as there are many people waiting on the lines. Expectedly, you might have to wait for about 2weeks before seeing a doctor. Facing such challenges, Greek people usually opt for a second insurance plan from their employers in a bid to use private hospitals. Interestingly, private hospitals can diagnose you over the phone, meaning you can inform a doctor about your symptoms, forward a picture via messenger and get an appointment booked. 

#6 The Siga-Siga Principle Is Followed In Greece

Siga-Siga means ‘Take It Easy.’ It’s a motto the Greeks usually follow and every inhabitant thinks they have the scared right to take rest. Always saying ‘I will do it later’, it’s perceived the motto is the origin of Greeks being quite lazy. They are known for procrastination.

#7 Greek People Have Their Own Siesta, Dubbed As Mesimeri

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As a result of Greece’s hot climate, they also have their version of a Siesta. Many at times, the Greek people begin their days quite early, get up at around 6 a.m, but regularly take a nap during lunchtime. The Mesimeri is perceived to be one of the major reasons why they live healthily and so long. An average life expectancy in Greece is 80years. During Mesimeri, villages and small towns blank out as noise is prohibited. If you make noise during their siesta, you will be asked to pay a fine. 

#8 Greece Is The Most Seismic Region In Europe

Earthquakes are common in Greece. The locals are calm about the natural disaster and believe earthquakes are part of their country’s identity. In Greece big cities, there are building with more than six floors as a result of earthquakes. 

#9 The Greek Salad Is Named ‘Village Salad

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The village salad is the simplest meal made out of popular foods in Greece. The Salad is made of oregano, feta, olive oil, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and olives. The ingredients aren’t usually cut into tiny pieces and just capers and sweet pepper are added. 

#10 They Have Different Types Of Fast Food

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Burgers are not included in Greece’s popular Street food. The commonly found food is Gyros and Souvlaki. Likewise, Greeks love visiting Taverns, it’s a serious part of their lifestyle. 

#11 The Greeks Are Emotional Beings

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The Greeks love arguing, and can be very emotional when demonstrating their negative and positive feelings. It’s perfectly normal in Greece to walk with spouse and still look at other eye-catching girls and handsome dudes that passes by. They are not good at hiding their true emotions, thus if they want to shout, they will do it confidently. In all, they are good listeners as well. 

#12 Apartments Are Not Expensive In Greece

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Affordable apartments are available in Greece. Renting an apartment in Greece is around $300 to $600 a month, depending on the size and capacity. Long term apartments are, however, usually not furnished – just wardrobes and kitchen furniture. 

#13 Greek Men So Much Love Soccer

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The major topics discussed in Greece are Soccer and Politics. Greek men so much love soccer and regularly visit stadiums to see games as well as play soccer themselves. Kids are also taken outside, during breaks to play different games, including mini-golf and soccer. 

#14 Greeks Love Visiting Coffee Shops


Coffee is the most popular drink in Greece. Elderly people love coffee shops very much unlike the taverns. The Frappe, known as Cold Coffee originated in Greece and to produce it, it’s expected you use a small amount of cold water and coffee, mixed in a special machine until the foam is seen. 

#15 Greeks Have Their Own Beauty

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Foreigners revealed Greek men are very much attractive than Greek women. Many at times, Greek women are short and can be overweight. With many women having skin problems, Cosmetologists admits it’s as a result of their climate and lifestyle. To hide these flaws, women uses a lot of bright makeup to cover up.