Artist's 17 Honest Comics That Treats The Hard Parts Of Motherhood With Humor

A mother gives us birth and takes care of us more than she is capable of. They would cross every ocean that wide and deep to just reach us because we need them. Motherhood is full of ups and downs that you don’t get to see if you’re not a parent yourself. There are multiple sources on the internet where we can see the love of a mother explained in a poetic and beautiful way. Artist Anastasiya Lykova in her witty and truthful illustrations shows about the reality of having children but with humor.

Whether it’s a sleepless night or cooking, her funny illustrations strike a perfect balance between honesty and humor and every new mom will find something to relate to. 

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#1 Women don’t even remember the labor pain they had to go through when they had a child

#2 Women do lose their hair after having a child

#3 It’s kind of hard to exercise with a baby

#4 Having one child might feel like having many children

#5 Women with stickers on their bodies aren’t crazy, they are just having this hard sticker time with their babies

#6 The babies in the kitchen while mothers are cooking can be a big mess

#7 Apparently, having a child is a better workout than any exercise

#8 Grandmothers know to layer, the best!

#9 Women with more children can have really good biceps because they keep lifting their babies all the time

#10 Every mother will relate to it

#11 Mothers who rock their babies and make them sleep have a really difficult time

#12 Because are a mess when they are in a car

#13 Having a strong experience from The Sims and then you can’t have that experience helping you in real life

#14 Boasting about how quickly babies can talk

#15 Children imitate their parents but it is not good when its makeup!

#16 Children can be two different personalities before and during crying!

#17 Instagram VS Reality at a completely another level