15 Times People Found Whole New Worlds Inside Ordinary Things

Most of us use ordinary objects without much thought but the truth is sometimes they are a lot more fascinating and surprising than we might realize. The point is sometimes things are not always what they seem to be. There are so many things in the world that appear as one thing but in reality, are something completely different. 

We normally use these ordinary things without even expecting any traps. But the most curious people explore different objects and find really surprising stuff inside. So here we have a list of 15 such objects that had some unusual things hidden inside them. Seeing them now you might be convinced to investigate everything around you!

#1 An egg inside an egg

© Pit_Mosh / Reddit -Via

#2 This dice had a little dice inside it so you can use it when you break the original one

© IsshunGo / Reddit -Via

#3 The yard decoration had a pig playing guitar inside when it was broken

© sansonmr / Reddit -Via

#4 “The inside of this air mattress looks like an alien cave.”

© mdgholson / Reddit -Via

#5 Looks like a tongue when the watermelon was broken

© emlas1 / Reddit -Via

#6 All these stuff were inside this small baseball

© chirpinchirpin / Reddit -Via

#7 The inside of a burning log

© Unknown / Reddit -Via

#8 Looks like the horsetail was not really the tail

© SkyeAuroline / Reddit -Via

#9 The core of this rope is recycled diapers

© michaelrayspencer / Reddit -Via

#10 The fried chicken had a newspaper print inside it

© rwired / Reddit -Via

#11 There was a fake human head inside a Frankenstein Halloween decoration

© Glatzos / Reddit -Via

#12 This is just an empty aloe vera bottle

© Dogememesroasted / Reddit -Via

#13 The dog destroyed its toy and it had a recycled water bottle inside it

© ebinisti / Reddit -Via

#14 A different glue inside the super glue plastic container

© cosmic_owl2893 / Reddit -Via

#15 Phone cover that's made of a Macau beer mat

© caed744 / Reddit -Via