30 Workers From Different Fields Decorated Their Workplaces With Very Fitting Christmas Trees

We wait for the holiday season for the whole year and love decorating Christmas trees no matter how much effort and time it takes. But there are some people who are way too lazy but definitely creative to get the job done.

Sometimes when they can’t get the Christmas tree for decoration they make their own tree out of things you least expect and it turns out to be amazing and unique.

So here we have a few Christmas trees by people made at work that is quite creative and you could get some ideas for decorating your tree.

#1 Christmas tree created at the public library by the librarians in Sulęcin, Poland

Botatitsbest -Via

#2 Tree made of bell peppers


#3 Christmas tree made of guide dogs at 'The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation'

KNGFgeleidehonden -Via

#4 At a chemistry lab

EarthwormEd -Via

#5 Christmas tree made by the soldiers

jerm1820Report -Via

#6 A pointe shoe tree In London Coliseum, English National Opera

katebirch20 -Via

#7 Christmas tree by the art center employees

strangeloop527 -Via

#8 A tree made of sheets of glass at a tech store

ProbablyMaybe69 -Via

#9 A bacterial Christmas tree

LadyMario -Via

#10 This is how you make a Christmas tree at a supermarket

tabb_oule -Via

#11 When you work at a gas company and couldn't get a Christmas tree

Oca9 -Via

#12 100 Umbrellas used to make this Christmas tree at Claridge Hotel

interior_image.ideas -Via

#13 When you are creative enough to make your Christmas tree special

Novus396 -Via

#14 Tree at a clothes shop

doddingtonhall -Via

#15 Latex gloves used to make Christmas tree at a laboratory

pine_apple_pizza -Via

#16 Farmer made an amazing Christmas tree

katherine_douglas_art -Via

#17 Tree at an IT department worker's desk

Mr_MozZie -Via

#18 Local pizza shop made a Christmas tree with pizza boxes

SpaceyEve -Via

#19 Tree at a whisky distillery

litzippo -Via

#20 A banana Christmas tree at a supermarket

drinking-coffee -Via

#21 Tree made of the periodic table

alpacapunch33 -Via

#22 Made of bycicle gears at a bike store

Cinnemaninemanas -Via

#23 Tree made of monitors

thatpartyguy -Via

#24 Christmas tree made of Conchas at a local Hispanic bakery

idkkimkim -Via

#25 Christmas tree at a University made of Encyclopedias

sa-steve-va -Via

#26 Christmas tree built by the workers on one of Yeovil's busiest roads

bbcsomerset -Via

#27 Tree made with Jager at a bar

free_trdr_bewlf -Via

#28 Tree made out of confiscated items at the Vilnius Airport

Lithuanian Airports -Via

#29 Christmas tree at an IT department

Drgott -Via

#30 Fractal tree at the maths department in Cambridge