20 People's Amazing Stories About Who Their Classmates Have Become, And These Are Ready-Made Movie Scripts

The time we have spent in school is probably one of the best times that we could have ever experienced. But time passes and so is the time spent in school and all we are left with is a few memories and flashbacks that are sometimes embarrassing and hilarious. School is called a kid’s second home for a reason, it shapes people’s tempers and character. There was always a misunderstanding that kids with terrible behavior and grades will end up on the street and good students are going to have a bright future. But what we forget is that life is quite unpredictable and kids who don’t get good grades in school might end up being a successful person in life and the ones who got good grades can even end up in jail.

So here we have a few users who shared the memories they had about their classmates and how their lives took an amazing turn. And honestly, you simply can’t predict someone else’s future.



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