Artist Creates Dark Comics With Unexpected Plot Twists

Comics and digital art have lately been one of the best ways to show us the things that are going around us. Dark comics are a comic style that creates a light of subjects that are usually reflected as serious or taboo. They are not like the regular comics that you see or read online, it’s something different. These dark comics are the comics that bring on the humorous element with some horror and a surprising ending so suddenly that people are taken aback. One such artist who makes these comics is Edd Lai and he’s been publishing his work for 6 months. Lai describes his comics as “Exciting, Funny, with some horror, but bright and charming.” He also wrote some scripts and novels that were published in Taiwan, as well as 3 series of long-running comics for a Korean company.

The artist makes his living by writing and his inspiration is human complexity. Lai likes to note down the differences in people’s lives. He mentions how each one of us has a different point of view and it’s based on what we believe to be true and how we tend to ignore other’s perspectives to see things. 

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1. Team project

2. Knowledge is power

3. A photo

4. At the dentist

5. The cursed photograph

6. Surprise

7. With the lights off

8. A cup of coffee

9. A costume party

10. Angel

11. Dad or mom