Here's How Much Female 'Instagram Girl Face' Costs Through Surgeries

It's not exaggerating to say that some people went through extreme length just to achieve the perfect look. Hundreds of surgeries and loans later, there is not few of those who failed to achieve it.

Needless to say, many are still eager to try. Now, assuming that you can go through all the procedures successfully, Brighthumanity wants to do the calculation on how many injections, surgeries, and money required just to make yourself feel 'beautiful'.

Angelina Jolie's perfect nose.

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The perfect size of nose exists, albeit hard to achieve. The most popular solution to 'fix' this is through plastic surgery which cost depends on individuals. But one simple plastic surgery will not fix everything - you may have to spend over $3,000 for the perfect nose.

Kylie Jenner's sexy and plump lips.

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Cheiloplasty is the choice for many instead of rhinoplasty because they prevent the lips from looking thin. Add injections of hyaluronic acid and you will be spending at least $500 for the cheiloplasty alone. The price of lip filler varies. For example, in the US, 1 ml of it costs $500 and this isn't a final price.

Kylie Jenner's requires more than 2 ml of hyaluronic acid which means you need to prepare more than $1,400.

Kim Kardashian's high cheekbones.

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Bichat's fat pads were removed to add implants and create high cheekbones. The surgery costs around $2,000, but is not always necessary. Using injections can increase volume, much like how people work with lips.

Using fillers can cost about $1,750 while using special threads that shape the face costs $1,250. Add Botox to the forehead and you will spend a total of $3,150.

Bella Hadid's double eyelid and cat like eyes.

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Blepharoplasty is the solution for this to give eyes that cat-like shape. You can raise your eyebrows with Botox and the average price to add the eyelids is about $3,200.

Beyonce's sharp and pronounce chin.

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This new facial feature acts like the base of a good painting - a longer chin always makes you look mature and 'adult'. It requires implant which costs $3,000 and if you choose fillers, it will cost about $500.

Black Lively's perfect teeth.

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This perfectly lined teeth is the icing of the cake. And typically, people can achieve this with veneer, which price starts from $250 per tooth.

Your total expense!

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In total, a perfect Instagram face for women starts from about $20,000. Assuming that you don't have other complications, you will also require time to workout or spend more on surgeries that help reduce weight as well as fat from your face.

You will also have to consider the maintenance price for this beauty.

But guess what - not every celebrity has every perfect feature. There is always one good - and one bad - about them all.

Love yourself MORE. Because you are beautiful not because of that sexy and plump lips, but because you are confident and knows what's best about you.