13 Times People Uncovered Reality Behind Perfect Social Media Pics And Its Hilarious

Instagram is often filled with aesthetics and gorgeous posts of places around the world, intriguing travelers to go there themselves. There are also beauty influencers who often mesmerize their followers with their amazing touch-up and makeup skills. It turns out that it's not about that amazing brand that they wear, it's really about the hands that work on the make-up.

#1 When you're flexing but you're friend busted you.

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#2 Look at this wild ride we're going on!

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It's really all about perspective in life. Even a normal parking lot can look so thrilling in a 16:9 frame.

#3 Nobody is ugly, it's really about finding your beauty angle.

#4 The Coachella is exciting... on Instagram.

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#5 Every single professional photoshoot.

Having that reliable photographer assistant can really make the difference. Or a boyfriend.

#6 When you can't say 'no' to your dog ever.

#7 These 'instagrammable' places do look good, but the exaggeration in photos can really bring your hopes high.

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These are Jacaranda trees and as someone who's messed a bit with Lightroom, you can really tell they blew the purple out of proportion on the left. Which turns the cars, street and everything to purple.

#8 The truth about summer photoshoots.

#9 It's not about looking good at the end of the day, but showing a good process in between.

#10 Unicorns.

#11 When people don't really come to the field for the flowers anymore.

#12 Bright cities can look so dead in the wrong hand.

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#13 Want a private jet? Now you know how to take a picture with one.

Honestly takes a lot of imagination, a good outerwear and a nice weather to take this picture. Not to mention having a chair on your head in the middle of nowhere and holding in the shame when someone sees you. It's hard work!