‘Drain My Credit Card’ Says A Sugar Daddy To A Student, 21, Who Frequently Spends Over £1,000

Any William, a 21-Year-Old student from Glasgow invited her friends to join her a shopping spree using her sugar daddy’s credit card.

Sending a photo of her feet, the Sugar Daddy told her to drain her credit card, and that’s exactly what Amy did.

Both had reached an agreement that Amy will get financial compensation for each foot photo she sends to Richard. 

Amy spends over £1000 with her friends Imprudently. She had to label every good purchase in order not to get them mixed up

Becoming viral online, when one of her friends, Sarah Connolly, who went on the shopping spree tweeted in some photos on their purchase summary, a lot of girls have been questioning where Amy got the Sugar Daddy from.

‘How can I get in on the girl's chat?’ Help I need one’ has been the kind of comments on Sarah tweets. Amy didn’t,  however, forget to remind that she gave him the £176 student discount.’ 

Speaking to MailOnline,’ Amy said: ‘There was so much stuff I had to put a label on in my room with everyone’s name on it so that I don’t get confused! I had an arrangement since May. I had tweeted, saying I was skint and in need of a sugar daddy when he directed messages to me, offering money in return for feet pictures.’

Amy added: ‘At first I felt he was saying rubbish as there are loads of fake people on Twitter so I was like money first and he immediately sent me one of his credit cards and told me to get anything and it worked.’ 

Amy's Story did spark a competition on Twitter of Missguided

Well, it appears Amy has her wardrobe temporarily filled, all thanks to her Sugar Daddy!