Girl Caught Her Own Jaw After It Torn Off In Horse Riding Accident

Emily Eccles’s grisly horse-riding injury is honestly one of the worst her doctors had ever seen. With half of her sliced-off jaw dangling from the rest of her hand, the 15-Year Old, who could also see her own teeth and bones drooping feared she would forever look like a Zombie.

But being called for surgery, she has received a knighthood after a surgeon miraculously rebuilt her face with 160 stitches and three titanium plates.

The high school student, Emily smacked into a gatepost when riding near Baslow, Derbyshire two months ago. An approaching vehicle had spooked the horse which instantly bolted, flinging Emily into a wooden pole.

Particularly, the left side of her jaw was almost ripped off completely, forcing her to cup the remaining of her face in her hands.

Emily revealed she recall catching something red which flashed in front of her face as she fell. ‘I just look down and I was like, I don’t know what that is. While in the ambulance, I just looked down and I could see my teeth and bone and I was like ‘Is that my Jaw.’ Emily said.

Also speaking, Surgeon Ricardo Mohammed-Ali explained that Emily’s situation could have gone even  worse, adding that it’s one of the most significant injuries he has ever seen on a child outside of areas of conflict. 

‘Emily’s injury was very significant in the entire left side of her jaw. The front of her jaw to the joint was pulled away from her face and only had a small strip of skin. The nerves supplying a sensation to the lip and chin were equally torn on both sides.’ Dr. Mohammed said.

Nevertheless, with her scars fading off, Emily hails the work of Surgeon Mohammed and has even written to the Queen to the Surgeon knighted.