30 Artistically Satisfying Cake Designs By A Canadian Baker

Cakes, oh cakes. They are sweet, soft, often baked in a shape with colors that are so attractive. But it's all part of making us buying and eating them. Darci, however, bakes and decorate her cake as if they are arts. And we can only consider them so because how can you eat such a cute cake when a doggo is looking at you like that?

Green Lemon stumbled upon a really talented Canadian baker who has been baking and decorating really gorgeous cakes. She has been uploading her creations on Instagram and we've compiled her best cakes below. Her tastes often makes her cakes look so effortless and simple, yet, we all know that they require hardwork and concentration. From dogs, cracked stones filled with geode to the gorgeous view of the Aurora, you will love what you see here.

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