Artist's Mesmerizing Illustrations Blurs The Line Between Drawing And Reality

An Italian Artist, Luigi Kemo Volo is perhaps well-recognized for his photomontages where Disney’s characters are inserted into real-life scenarios.

Luigi uses rare intelligence to play with perspective. For instance, Luigi’s other illustrations – the ones that made into reality just yet are quite playful at a glance.

Luigi makes each of his drawings interact with real-life objects, lighters, pencils and more. What’s also cool about his work, is that his illustrations are always keeping in mind the character they’re portraying.

Since childhood, Luigi had always loved Disney movies and was really a die-hard fan of its Characters. He became so passionate about illustrating comics and animations.

Specifically, he got into the art world in 2002 when he began with some street art.

While he also worked as a writer during the same period, Luigi began a journey into the depth of photography and became a freelance illustrator in 2014.

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