24 Hilarious Moments People Forgot Things In Their Laundry

Although, not all are that hilarious.

Some are really quite painful! Let’s give you an instance: 

Imagine forgetting your $100 in your shirt/jeans pocket and could only see its destruction when the washing machine was midway shaking and rinsing your pants.

Or imagine forgetting your earplugs in there,’ Holy, Molly!

However, Brighthumanity has gathered some hilarious moments where people forgot things in their laundry. If you think/feel going to the laundry room can be harmless, I bet you’ll be needing to see this.

Learn from these individuals!

#1 ‘Somebody Forgot His Dollar Bills And It Turned Out To Be That One Was A Counterfeit

© Drawmesunshine / Reddit

#2 ‘Forgetting Your Ear Buds!

© Cornponebrunch / Reddit

#3 ‘She Forgot Her Lip Balm!

© Smellypeople / Reddit

#4 ‘A Picture Of Her Husband In Her Pocket Got Washed’

© Bob_Arctor / Reddit

#5 A Sticker Mistakenly Washed With A T-Shirt Now Appears Like A Shattered Moon

© 2prov3 / Reddit

#6 Book Of Matches Got Accidentally Washed

© Mobilehomies / Reddit

#7 The Outcome Of A Pillow After Experiencing A Wash!

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#8 Forgot The Penny

© Knnba / Reddit

#9 Girlfriend Felt Bad For Mistakenly Washing Boyfriend’s Favorite Pocket Watch

© Anonymous / Reddit

#10 Here’s The Result Of Washing An Entire Box Of Bounce Strips

© Morgdalaine / Reddit