30 Times People Encountered Hilariously Worst Delivery Guys

It takes a lot to really screw up your job as a deliveryman because you mostly don't need to do much. Most letters and documents only need to be slipped through the mailbox without being folded. People can screw up on that pretty well.

Others love the anticipation of getting a package delivered after ordering the item online. Whether its clothes, food or electronic times, you want them to come unharmed and in perfect condition. But it certainly takes quite the shake to just decide that your TV comes with horrible cracks and bends.

Brighthumanity has compiled the worst moments people receive their precious packages.

#1 Someone is not listening to their new vinyl record thanks to USPS.

404forlife -Via

#2 4 years of hard work, bent just like that.

GummybearGoddess -Via

#3 Amazon deliveryman delivered and stole the package within split seconds.

PresidentFartFeather -Via

#4 UPS deliveryman didn't use a toilet and decided to pee in the elevator.

ediesdad -Via

#5 Someone got their brand new 4K TV like this.

TheBentCarrot -Via

#6 Domino pizza man ate the topping and closed it back.

TheBentCarrot -Via

#7 Canada Post has been leaving the package here and receiver has lost 3 packages in 6 months.

TheBentCarrot -Via

#8 Because the deliveryman thought putting the mat on top of the tires will conceal them.

cryptogram -Via

#9 A USPS deliveryman ordered his new uniform which came in like how everyone expected. Living up to their (bad) reps.

istrx13 -Via

#10 More illiterate deliverer.

imgur.com -Via