Photographer Reveals The Actual Scenes Behind Perfect Instagram Photos

Photography can be seen as an easy profession nonetheless, there are lots of secret work that goes into the production of a good and quality image.

These ranges from the professionalism of the photographer, several assistants who are responsible for light effects, staging and lots more.

Geo Leon, an American Photographer plausibly decided to reveal the background works and not just the masterpiece alone. Anyone can actually create a masterpiece from Leo’s concepts and ideologies.

More Info: © Geo Leon / Instagram

#1 Dora Sorry, your map was burnt

#2 Please Pretty, toping with a cherry

#3 Princess Kitana of the modern days

#4 The Eye of Bull

#5 Disney Spring with some Kawaii Feels

#6 Los Angeles flower shoots

#7 I sing in the Shower as a child, but now I make serious decisions

#8 Time to roll the dice

#9 Stick yourself out of a car shot

#10 Meet me in the grocery store like:

#11 It’s a concept even though I don’t know what it is

#12 Hiding from the guards at Area 51

#13 She hung up….Dang

#14 When you are invited on-board AREA 51 alien ship

#15 Tokyo trip to Los Angeles