Couple Got Married In First Traditional Viking Wedding For Almost 1000 Years

Then comes the Brullaup, which is a race between two families who were unified through the wedding! Basically, the fun game time!

Elisabeth loving her woolen cloak which is not a princess dress, but more of a Queen.

The purpose of Viking revivalists were to prevent more people from stigmatizing this fascinating culture with rape, violence, and war.

“Vikings were no more terrible than any other group of people living at that time. What people don’t mention is that Vikings were people who had a great appreciation for nature, for the land, and for animal life. We want people to be more aware of that," says Rune.

And to the guests who did not look so amused in the beginning?

“By the end, they could all feel the energy and the love that we generated," says Elisabeth.

The family was blessed with a son and they adopted a puppy as well.

They are now a small, happy (partly Viking?) family! They named their son, Ragnar.

Here's a short clip of the gothi chanting his blessings!