“I Teach Swimming To Kids For Free. Mom Demands That I Teach Her Son Exclusively And Give Her The Money”

It seems that humanity has lost all hope. When you see someone who is willing to do something for free, the LAST thing you do is to ask money from said person. Sounds weird and so out of this world, yeah? But that's not the case with a poor swimming teacher who had to face such a person. Her story has made it into one of the top stories in the subreddit of 'Choosing Beggars'. And typically, these beggars have their own chronic situation to use.

This mother used the 'I'm a single mother, I can't pay' card. And the instructor, fortunately, did not let that get to her.

The swimming instructor from South India has been giving students free lessons while she has works her own job to earn. u/pretent_its_witty decided it's best to post her chat with the mother and let the Internet decide and learn from this. We've decided to upload the whole story on Brighthumanity for our readers.

Upon the first few lines, the mother has already decided it's rude for someone not to reply less than an hour during work time. At the end of the chat, she was already using the 'B' word and even threatened the teacher.

What a world we're living in.

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