Stunning Pictures From The 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest And Here Are The Winners

#11 People's Choice, Nature: 'Split Shot Taken Of Crabeater Seals' By Rita Kluge

#12 People's Choice, Cities: 'Follow The Light' By Junhui Fang

#13 People's Choice, Nature: 'Colorado River' By Stas Bartnikas

#14 Third Place, Nature: 'Dusky Dolphins' By Scott Portelli

#15 Honorable Mention, People: 'Mood' By Navin Vatsa

#16 Honorable Mention, Nature: 'King Of The Alps' By Jonas Schäfer

#17 People's Choice, Cities: 'Sunrise Glow Decorates The City In Fog' By Carlo Yuen

#18 First Place, People: 'Showtime' By Huaifeng Li

#19 Second Place, Cities: 'In The Age Of Aviation' By Jassen Todorov

#20 Second Place, People: 'Daily Routine' By Yoshiki Fujiwara