Owners Are Posting Pictures of Their Newfoundlands And It Shows How Adorable They Are

Every pet owner is proud to share their pet's picture with the world and you will probably find their phones filled with their pets pictures more than theirs. And there are so many breeds of dogs and cats, isn't it? Some are small and cute while some are ginormous. Out of the large dog breeds Newfoundlands who comes from the Canadian island of Newfoundland top the chart as the 5th largest dog in the world. They are 27-30 inches tall and weigh 150 pounds. The thick double coat that covers them makes them appear even larger. Although they are of massive size and are known for their large coats they are just gentle giants if you have a closer look at them.

Don’t believe us? Here we have a few pictures shared by the owners of Newfoundlands that will prove how adorable and charming they are!

#1 “I will always be a lap dog!”

bruce_almighty16 -Via

#2 Had to get him a safety vest because people confused him with a bear

lioranvl -Via

#3 You always feel safe

jivan_the_newfoundland -Via

#4 Taking his lazy friend for a walk

brightons_bear -Via

#5 The perfect kiss

mybigearley -Via

#6 Happy family

tudyandcubathenewfies -Via

#7 When you meet smaller dogs

mollythenewfie -Via

#8 Can you be afraid of those eyes?

koizumichelle -Via

#9 Just want to sit on your lap

finlandthenewfoundland -Via

#10 Can I have a picture with you?

kingkekoa_thenewfie -Via

#11 I'll always be little for my human

sofie_the_newfie -Via

#12 Give me a hug

balu_the_newf_and_the_lyalya -Via

#13 “Wanna boop this booper?”

gizmoputney -Via

#14 Just 10 months old

yunnhee -Via

#15 Who's gonna believe he is just 4 months old?

chewie.the.newfie -Via

#16 Best friends

thelogansquarebears -Via

#17 Both look adorable

sara_dallarmii -Via

#18 When the lap is small but you don't mind

tyler2450 -Via