30 Photos From 'Historyinmoment' That Gives Us A Rare Glimpse Of History

The most important moments throughout history have always been captured through paintings and the invention of the camera broadened the horizon for man. This timeless human invention has served its purpose well, helping us remember our past. But even photos can get lost or destroyed and which often means little or no recovery options to the valuable memories they hold.

The dawn of the digital age offered us new hope and with the internet's invention, anything is now possible. It's been said that the world can forget but the internet never forgets. Twitter page @historyinmoment  is dedicated to sharing pictures and quotes from the past. All the simple intimate moments that people can learn from as well as reminiscence are highlighted in these photos.

These images remind us that some events no matter how long they occurred, are always bound to keep us going. For instance, a thoughtful gift from a father to his little boy. Scroll through these wonderful gems of history that will surely give you goosebumps.

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