16 Brilliant Tips To Avoid Nasty Surprises When You’re On Vacation

#11 Get an adapter for your electronics.

We all have lots of gadgets these days and each of them comes with chargers and cables. Nothing bugs us like discovering a flat battery when you really need to use an electronic gadget. Before you leave for vacation, get yourself an adapter that will work in the country you are traveling to. It will save you the headache of trying to find what you need when you’re already there.

#12 Pack wisely.

You don’t need to pack shoes for every occasion. The rule of thumb is to pack only what is necessary; you don’t want to be bothered by heavy luggage when you are supposed to enjoy your vacay.

#13 Discover a sarong as a multi-purpose item.

A sarong is a must-have for any holiday goer. Apart from using it for modesty by wrapping it around your waist, it can be used as sun protection, dust protection, a scarf, a blanket, a signal flag, and even a water filter.

#14. Eat local food

Follow the locals when looking for a place to eat. Normally, it’s much cheaper and you get a real taste of the place you’re vacationing in. After all, vacation is all about getting new experiences and a story to tell.

#15. Read about the place you’re going.

The importance of this point cannot be stressed enough. Do a little bit of research and find out what you are and are not permitted to do. Some traditions can be very different from what you are used to and you may do something inappropriate or even insult without even realizing it.

For instance, Turkish people find it very offensive when the thumb and index finger touch, something that most countries find normal.

#16: Get the most out of it

The best tip for an amazing vacation is to keep your mind open. Try food that you’ve never had before, do things that you’ve never done, don’t be afraid to meet new people, and enjoy and appreciate every moment of every day to make your vacation the most memorable.