Cheeky Couple Slammed For Asking Guests To Pay Off Their Student Loans As Wedding Present

These days newlyweds have branched off from the traditional gift preference and are now asking their guests to contribute to their honeymoon instead of splashing out on an actual item. One couple decided to be cheeky and instead asked their guests instead to pay off their student loan. Let's just say, their innocent gesture didn’t go on well with others.

Forget asking for money towards your honeymoon, one couple are planning on having a 'student loan fund' at their upcoming wedding

This couple had been slammed on a Facebook page for suggesting that they should have a “student loan fund” at their lavish reception.  The bride and groom’s parents revealed that the lovebirds had a lot of debt from the university which “they are unable to help out with due to the wedding”

So instead of asking the 300 invited guests to contribute towards their honeymoon, the couple is planning to ask for donations to pay off their student loans. Most of the 99,000 group members were horrified while others called the idea “tacky”.

Horrified users were quick to slam the 'tacky' idea

One wrote:  "I don't care what you put your wedding gifts towards but if your debt is that bad then it shows poor judgment to prioritize a party that isn't necessary.

Another wrote: "300 wedding guests and already in tons of debt?? What a smart way to start off their marriage."

But not everyone was quick to toss out the idea: "Maybe I'm unconventional but I don't see why that's so bad," one user wrote. "When we get registry gifts for people it's usually to provide for their futures. I'd be happy to donate £25 to a college fund over giving someone a toaster oven!"