17 People Whose Friendzone Level Beats All the Records

it's natural for men to seek affection from women. However, after a couple of nice conversations, the women tend to realize that this nice, perfect guy is going to stay in purgatory, also known as the “friend zone”.

We are all for any kind of warm relationship but we couldn’t stop ourselves from compiling a bunch of poor guys who have unintentionally gotten stuck in the friend zone.

17. When you’re friend-zoned and you know it:

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16. Giga best friends?

15. 2 friends are better than 1.

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14. “I’ll be there for you when you need makeup urgently.”

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13. This happy guy still didn’t realize his destiny has been pre-written.

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12. When you friend-zone Warren so hard:

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11. Friend-zoned for life

10. Good news — there is a way out of the friend zone!

9. He’s been second generation friend-zoned.

8. How many guys did she friend-zone?

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